STRATEGY: Open Software Development

my inner geek (
Sun, 19 Jan 1997 13:43:01 +0000

Intel is giving away MMX code for high-speed signal processing.


One thing I'd really love to have is a utility for converting CD
audio (and .WAV) audio files (or buffers) into arrays of
high-resolution sprectrograms in a simple format.

With this information, I'd like to generate animations such as
kaleidoscopes and 3-D fly-throughs of sound space (perhaps rendered
with complex combinations of color/concept sorted object images).

Such utility would also enable the creation of higher-level utilities
such as speech analysis, audio-to-MIDI conversions, song libraries
sorted by tempo and timbre, derivative music based on original music
(where instruments are translated or augmented with additional
instruments and effects), real-time feedback systems for vocal
training and machine-mediated melody creation, speech-based web
interaction, demographic classification based on linguistic patterns,
and virtual musical instruments based on biomechanical input.

As an experiment, it would be interesting to pursue this project
openly. This might spark some popularizing of advanced technology
through entertaining applications of science.

my inner geek