Re: The Creationists' astronomical point-of-view

James Rogers (
Sun, 19 Jan 1997 13:29:59 -0800

At 09:08 AM 1/19/97 -0800, Amara Graps wrote:
>Hey Extropes,
>I ran across something accidently on the net today regarding the Creationists'
>point-of-view. Arguing with Creationists is not something I tend to do
>in my daily activities, so I almost never pay attention to conversations
>of this nature. But if you are in a position where you are doing this
>activity, or you would like to do this activity, it would be good to get
>an idea of their perspectives and logic, so hence, this site is a
>valuable resource:
>"Unmasking the False Religion of Evolution"
>The author of this site has pulled together many different
>arguments to prove his point. So take a look. I was amazed at the
>number of misunderstandings and misconceptions. At least in the
>astronomy portion that I looked at. It's like the author heard a fact,
>took it out of context, and wove a logical theory around it. (This
>sort of twisting of facts reminds me quite a bit of the Communist
>propaganda that I have seen and read, in the past.)
>To give you an idea, I am posting below some of the astronomy "arguments"
>that I saw there. FYI, only. (I don't have the time to discuss astronomy
>with these people, although it is really tempting.)

Resist the temptation to flame...Resist the temptation to flame...Resist the
temptation to flame...

That creationist drivel demonstrated an appalling amount of ignorance in the
most fundamental areas of science. Makes me shiver just thinking that these
types of people exist in our society. The worst part is that they are
comfortable in their ignorance. You could do an immaculate dissection of
that post and they still would hold to their original beliefs.

-James Rogers