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<< The only comment I can make is that if the medicine
expired in 1992, I would not take it. Some medicines break down into
rather toxic substances over time and this might retard your healing
process and long term health.

I agree with Fred. My former company Watson Laboratories, Inc. Corona
California makes this product, the generic form of Lortab (r)2.5/500,
7.5/500, Vicodin (r) 5/500 and Vicodin (r) ES 7.5/750 (note: not "vicodan").
After 3 years from manufacture (i.e. at the time of outdate) the solid
dosage forms have absorbed enough moisture to breakdown the hyrdocodone
bitartrate and acetaminophen and create significant undesirable contaminating
compounds. Please see your doctor for a new prescription and destroy the old

I have personally reviewed the data on this drug with the FDA and know about
it. The only effect you are probably having is the acetaminophen so, if
nothing else just take some FRESH Tylenol ES Instead. It would be safer.

Antipyretics/analgesics act differently on the human body to stop the pain.
You need to find the correct one for the type of pain you are having.
Consult your doctor and pharmacist.

Davin C. Enigl, (Sole Proprietorship) MEAS

Microbiology Consulting, Hazard Analysis and
Critical Control Points (HACCP), CGMP, and Validations
for the Food, Cosmetic, Nutritional Supplement, and Pharmaceutical Industry

January 19, 1997
11:47 am