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} I wonder if we have created a false dichotomy here. The aquatic
} theory meshes quite nicely with other theories if you establish a
} chronology that statest that we started out in the trees, moved to
} the shoreline, and then to the open plains. If we had moved directly

What's wrong with trees, savannah, water, possibly back to savannah?
The third-class ape theory, promoted to fourth-class.

"When the environment got bad, the top apes stayed in the trees. The
rest moved to the plains. The second-class apes could deal with that,
and pushed the rest to the shore. None of those were even third-class,
and would have gone extinct had they not managed to develop brains by
then, at which point they moved back to the plains, killed off all of
those apes, spread to the rest of the world, and finally have come home
to cut down the forests."

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