POLITICS: 53rd Presidential Inaugural Event To Broadcast On Sun

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>Subject: 53rd Presidential Inaugural Event To Broadcast On Sun
>* On Monday, January 20th, Sun will help make history, as its servers
>and Java are used to enable the first-ever Web broadcast of the
>Presidential Inauguration ceremony; the broadcast is also expected to be
>one of the largest Internet broadcast events to date.
>* Viewers can go to http://www.inaugural97.org to see and hear live
>audio and video of the swearing-in ceremony taking place on the steps of
>the U.S. Capitol.
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> Largest Ever Internet Broadcast to Date
> Washington, D.C. -- January 17, 1997 -- If you're one of the
>millions of people who can't be there in person this Monday to see
>William Jefferson Clinton sworn in as the 42nd President of the United
>States, you can still catch all the excitement live - via your
>computer. For the many who will be at the office and without access
>to a TV, the Webcast is the perfect way to watch live coverage of the
>Inaugural events.
> This is the first time ever a Presidential Inauguration will be
>broadcast live over the Internet; it is also expected to be the
>largest Internet broadcast, with 5,000 simultaneous audio and video
>feeds. The site can be found at http://www.inaugural97.org.
> Sun Microsystems, Inc., creator of Java(TM) technology for the
>Internet and World Wide Web, is providing its network computing
>expertise, servers and Java software for the Web site. The Webcast
>will broadcast live the swearing-in ceremony beginning at 11:30 a.m.
>Eastern Standard Time, Monday, January 20th from the West Front of the
>U.S Capitol.
> "Sun will help make history with the first on-line Inaugural
>ceremony ever," said Anil Gadre, Vice President, Worldwide Marketing,
>Sun Microsystems Computer Company. "The Internet has already proved
>an effective tool in making government more accessible to people.
>This is another great example of its power in bringing citizens closer
>to the events which have an impact on their lives. We also think this
>Webcast is an excellent opportunity to showcase the capabilities of
> The inaugural site was designed by KPE, a subsidiary of Grey
>Advertising which specializes in the development of innovative
>Internet content. Video and audio streaming technology from Graham
>Technology Solutions, Inc., based in Cupertino, CA, is running on
>Sun(TM) UltraSPARC(TM) workstations to broadcast the live event. Java
>is being used to enable the audio portion of the Webcast. Unlike other
>real time streaming technologies, GTS "Sight and Sound" software
>requires no plug-ins and nothing on the client side other than browser
>software, such as Netscape Navigator. Viewers simply go to the Web
>site to view the live event.
> GTS is using Genuity, a Bechtel company and provider of integrated
>Internet solutions, to provide the backbone service for the Webcast.
>Genuity's nationwide infrastructure utilizes their Hopscotch
>technology, a system which solves the problems of busy servers,
>unavailable servers and unavailable bandwidth, making an event like
>this possible. Yahoo! is promoting the Inaugural site on their main
>(http://www.yahoo.com) and local Washington, D.C. sites. The
>inaugural site is also linked to Sun's home page at
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