MEMETICS: Subterfuge in Communication

David Musick (
Fri, 17 Jan 97 06:54:57 UT

In response to my statement that I act as though I am a theist to theists in
order to weave my ideas into their belief systems, Lyle Burkhead said,
"Interesting. Maybe, since Extropians are atheists, you pretend to be an
atheist in your postings to the list, so you can weave your message
into their belief system..."

That *is* interesting. I hadn't thought of that... Maybe I *am* really a
theist, infiltrating the Extropian List, slowly gaining your confidence and
respect, only to lead you down the path of theism and bring you back to God.
I *am* good at assuming a role. Hmmm..... I don't feel like a theist....
but I don't feel like an atheist either; more like an agnostic, but perhaps I
have assumed the role so thoroughly that I really *believe* I am who I say I
am. That would be *really* interesting. Maybe I'm some sort of undercover
Christian missionary, out to bring the heathens (that's you guys) back Home.
OOOH! Maybe I underwent some sort of psychological manipulation to make me
forget who I really am and assume a new identity that would help me be more
effective at converting you guys. Hmmm..... I *have* been getting pretty
*compassionate* lately in my postings, advocating being *nice* to people and
*helping them* out of their psychological problems. Sounds like something
*Jesus* would say.... I don't *feel* like I'm pretending to be something I'm
not (but maybe I'm just saying that to throw you guys off...), but I may have
so totally assumed my role, that I *believe* I am agnostic while I'm really a
*mind-sucking theist*. That would be kind of funny, actually... Or *MAYBE* I
need another glass of Tequila and orange juice..... Then I can do some
*serious* mindfucking on myself...and those *bastards* will wonder why they
can't de-hypnotize me and turn me back into a Bible-thumping, Jesus loving
Theist again..... Ha Ha HA!

- David Musick

-- I'm not LYING; I'm just *deluded*! --