Re: Weekly Bay Area Extropian Gatherings

Hara Ra (
Thu, 16 Jan 1997 11:40:37 -0800

Kennita Watson wrote:

> Clearly few Bay Area Extropians are interested in meeting for
> lunch every Thursday at 1 at the Fresh Choice in Sunnyvale.

> Therefore, I am soliciting suggestions for what kind of weekly
> get-togethers you folks _would_ be interested in having.

I live in Santa Cruz. Driving over the hill for a weekly anything is a
too much. I get to about 2/3 of the monthly cryonics meetings. What
would work
best for me is a luncheon scheduled on the same day as the cryo meeting,
is the 2nd Sunday of each month. That would work for me. I could also
host such
a meeting now and then and have a deck and hot tub.

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