Re: 101 ways to spread transhumanist memes.

Kathryn Aegis (
Tue, 14 Jan 1997 22:38:22 +0000

One method of spreading the transhumanist memes that I would add to
J. D Lyser's list is to provide an example through the ways in which
we live and interact with others. People quite naturally ask
themselves, 'what is so special about transhumanists? why should I
listen to what they have to say?'

Within my own ethical paradigm, that means striving to treat everyone
with tolerance and respect but also being willing to express timely
outrage at harmful actions or attitudes directed at others. It means
speaking up for more productive modes of thinking and acting when others
are sitting around needlessly complaining. It means making a commitment
to encourage or aid someone struggling to overcome an obstacle. It also
means regularly engaging in rigorous self-examination of my actions
and motivations.

I have noticed a few changes amongst my circle of friends after a few
years of being exposed to positive transhumanist modes of thinking
and acting. Their tolerance for negativity and useless bickering has
declined, we talk more about plans and dreams for the future, and they
have become more proactive about seeking out other positive individuals
for purposes of dating or friendship. I have also noticed the quiet
movement from shelf to shelf of certain books and back copies of Extropy.


Kathryn Aegis