RE: PSYCHOLOGY: Increasing Intelligence
Wed, 15 Jan 1997 09:44:42 -0800

>area, and I can transfer the old knowledge to the new area. By the way, the
>internal language I develop when I learn new things is very different (at
>least superficially) to spoken language; there are no sounds to represent the
>symbols, so they are not anything I can communicate easily to other people,
>but I know what I mean when I think them.

That is very flexible of you. I have noticed a great deal of difficulty in
coceptualizing without depending on language, at least for a double-check,
and then when I heard of the Sapir-Worph Hypothesis I thought, well, there
you go, my inabilty is vindicated.

>It seems to me that every cognitive ability can be improved significantly with
>practice. The level of difficulty seems to depend on how familiar one is with
>the ability and with how strongly one is motivated to improve it. Also, it
>depends on how appropriately one goes about improving the particular ability;
>each one requires a different approach to improve.
definitely. and now non-linguistic reasoning seems to be back on the long
list of possibilities.