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> Max More writes:
> >
> > Mike, and everyone else who has tried to access the site in the last
> few
> > days: The site is down due to some rather poor customer treatment
> from
> >
> C2's homepage seems to have degenerated into two links. I have heard
> (from
> _BoardWatch_ mag) that C2 was one of the few (or only?) ISPs to stand up
> to
> the SPA. I know zilch about this except what I've read, which includes
> that
> SPA is back on the warpath, wanting to make each ISP responsible for
> the
> Internet as a whole. Perhaps C2 may have more immediate problems than
> bad
> customer support. I do not know, but I can understand.
> Thanks,
> -Mike

C2 has decided to drop the ISP side of the business and go into
cryptography software. They are not doing a good job of weaning their
costumers away from the service. I've had a frustrating time with them as
well, and half the staff there I count as personal friends.

I'm pretty certain that their decision has nothing to do with SPA or any
other outside pressures. They simply changed their minds about waht kind of
business they're in.
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