POLL: Proto-Survey v.2

Eliezer Yudkowsky (sentience@pobox.com)
Tue, 14 Jan 1997 10:59:07 -0600

Well, I got a lot of flack about my statements about Extropians not
going in for cognitive science... which, in retrospect, seems perfectly
justified. Also, the term "Extropian heavyweight" gets sillier the more
I think about it. Sorry, guys.

That having been said, I still think that a poll is a fine idea. How
about this one:

Please rank these "ends" in order of desirability:
A) Anything Box B) Singularity C) Libertarianism
D) Galactic population E) Intelligence amplification F) Cyberspace
G) Postbiological bodies H) Artificial intelligence I) Perfect ethics
J) Immortality K) Uploading O) ______________

Please rank these "means" in order of importance:
A) Nanotechnology B) Cognitive science C) Libertarianism
D) Space travel E) Neuroscience F) 'Net society
G) Cryonics H) Psychology/memetics I) Recruiting
J) Medical science K) Computer science L) Social activism
M) Space/Lunar colonies N) Neurosilicon interfaces O) Political actvsm.
P) Calorie restriction Q) Algernon's Law (sigh..) R) Extp. Institute
S) New physics T) Consciousness studies U) Philosophy


End "K" includes exploring self-made virtual worlds.
End "D" means general domination of the Universe.
End "F" includes perfect communications.
End "I" means knowing what Life, the Universe, and Everything are about.

Means "F" refers to making social activism etc. faster and easier and
more powerful by doing it over the Internet.
Means "T" refers to the "hard problem of conscious experience", what
makes redness different from greenness.

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