Re: GENIUS: without the political correctness
Tue, 14 Jan 1997 10:49:02 -0500 (EST)

In a message dated 97-01-13 23:34:50 EST, E SHaun Russell writes:

>As Extropian, to exemplify ourselves, to become smarter- is our goal, is it
>not? Overcomeing limits, regardless of sex, genetic prevalences ( I am
>predisposed towards perfect rendering, it comes "naturally" - but I also
>to master the sciences and math).

<< Thanks Nadia. That was basically my point in the contributions I
made to the "Political Correctness According To Hugo de Garis" thread. I
believe that some people tend to *want* a rift between them
male or female. That, I think, is unfortunate. 'Genius' can (obviously,
IMO) be either male or female. If one person says that this fact is
otherwise, I don't understand how the majority of the listeners don't just
brush it off as foolhardy. That is mainly the reason why I wished the
"Political Correctness" thread to be is insulting to our
intelligence (again, IMO).

Yes, thats the whole problem with the "battle of the sexes" - NO ONE WANTS TO
RESOLVE IT - or IMHO the battle between scienctist and artist, objectivists
and subjectivists, prohibition, pick you favorite "old battles"...

The victim status is a hard one to relinquish, and as long as we have these
battles, we will have victims. As long as we have to have battles that are
fought again and again ( and it's not just being done intellectually but
globally, and violently) then we all have a nice codependent excuse not to
improve our lot.