Re: GENIUS: without the political correctness

Lee Daniel Crocker (
Mon, 13 Jan 1997 19:00:19 -0800 (PST)

> <<
> > There's only one thing I know FOR SURE about genius, and that is: you
> > don't become one by talking, discussing, or thinking about being one.
> On the contrary, talking and thinking about it is far more likely to
> determine its nature and guide us to creating the effect than is blindly
> dismissing reason in favor of mystical revelation, regardless how "sure"
> you may feel about such revelations.
> >>
> This is way off track:
> I am never in favor of mystical revelation, or blindness of any type, and if
> you thought i was suggesting anything of the sort, I apologize for being
> unclear.
> Exactly the opposite, I am suggesting lots of hard work, and producing
> something of substance, rather than chatting endlessly about who is entitled.

Pardon my misinterpretation, but it is a common--and dangerous--idea
that /speakers/ should practice restraint lest they offend. Tolerance
is the obligation of listeners, not speakers. Facts such as de Garis
brings up--that SAT scores overwhelmingly favor males, are just facts,
and inherently good things. How they are interpreted is another matter,
and free and open discussion is the best method for resolving whether
they represent some inherent quality of malehood or just test bias and
cultural influences.

Even if De Garis's interpretations are hideous, his facts are still
facts--"things of substance". They must be dealt with as such. The
proper interpretation of those facts is more likely to come up in an
environment of unrestrained discourse.