Re: GENIUS: without the political correctness
Mon, 13 Jan 1997 12:31:22 -0500 (EST)


Work on *becoming* a genius , forget sexual assignment.

Since "muse" and "genius" are both words that began in myth and trickled down
into our current culture, I have been reading this thread with some interest,
but I would like to talk about genius and forget about feminist rants or male

The dictionary first defines genius as a spirit or guardian assigned to a
person at birth or a tutelary deity...

Then it defines it as a jinni, demon .

THEN ( get this): "particular character or essential spirit of a nation,
place, age, etc"

"natural ability, strong disposition or inclination;innate ability (with to
or for) ... "great mental capacity and inventive abitlity, great and
original creative abiltity in some art, science, etc.."

Last definition:

a person having such capacity or ability.

THE LAST THING IT SAYS IS : "see: talent"

I have a lot of dictionaries and they all follow this mode

The word came from the base: 'genere' to PRODUCE.
(as in GENUS)

There's only one thing I know FOR SURE about genius, and that is: you don't
become one by talking, discussing, or thinking about being one.

I must get back to my painting.