Re: April 15, 2000. Time to end income tax once and for all?

Fred C. Moulton (
Sun, 12 Jan 1997 21:48:25 -0800

Concerning the year 2000 issue it interesting that the Social Security
Admin was one of the first USA Federal Gov agencies to look into the
matter. They have developed a list of commercial software which they
use and its Y2000 status and placed it on the web for public usage DISCLAIMER: I am not a fan
of the SSA, just making an observation.

Concerning using Y2000 to suddenly and completely eliminate the IRS
(Of which I am also not a fan), I suggest we be careful what we wish for
because we might just get it. Before I would cheer for a sudden cut off
of all IRS activity, I would first want to what sort of disruptions
would occur in financial markets and related matters. A sudden end of
IRS activity would reduce USA Federal Gov revenue. I do not know all
of the ramifications of a sudden and major decline in this revenue, but
I would want to investigate them first. The situation we are in now
might not be very good, but it could be worse.

And before all the knee-jerk pounding of the keys starts, I am not defending
either SSA or IRS. I will now sit back and wait to be criticized for
opinions I never expressed.