Re: PHILOSOPHY: Make violent computergames illegal.

Peter C. McCluskey (
Sun, 12 Jan 1997 20:45:08 -0800 ("Max M") writes:
>If we upload shurely we want to be regarded as legal entities in that form
>with the right to make money, buy stuff, take someone to court etc. It will
>then be natural that all artificial lifeforms be regarded as such. I mean
>if life can exist in a computersystem it can take any kind of shape.
>In a game like Quake from ID-Software you can play against "bot's".
>Computer based adviseries made with Neural nets, fuzzy logic etc. At some
>time computergame characters will be as intelligent as other artificial
>won't that make computergames against Bots/AI's illegal?

No, simulating what would be a crime in meatspace doesn't necessarily
cause any harm to the software involved. It will probably be easier for
uploads to control the way they handle this kind of sensory input than
it will be to have a government define which simulations are bad.

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