Re: BUSINESS: When Small Businesses Rule the World

Michael Lorrey (
Sat, 11 Jan 1997 20:29:22 -0500

Mark Grant wrote:
> Like sacking all the managers? I've found they're almost always the last
> people to go when a large company is in trouble. After all, they decide
> who gets sacked.

Remember the Dilbert Principle: incompetent employees are routinely
promoted to a position where they can do the least damage: management.

> > Also price isn't the the most important factor when it comes to selecting
> > who you hire.
> True. But small companies also respond much faster. In one of my jobs the
> company grew from small to large in the time I worked there. When we were
> small a customer would report a bug in the software and I'd often fix it
> and mail out a new version the same working day. By the time I left we had
> to submit any new software version for extensive testing, which took days
> to weeks. Sure, we occasionally introduced new bugs but customers were
> happier to get a version with a new bug that was fixed the next day than
> to wait a week for us to test it.
> > Would you put your company's future in the hand of a one man corp where the
> > owner can loose his ability to work form day to day?
> The same could happen with a large company that only puts one person to
> work on your project. For another person to take over a complicated
> software project could take days.

Would you put your company in the hands of a group of unaccountable
people who are not dependent on doing a real days work in order to get a
paycheck? A small businessperson works hard because they know they are
the only ones capable of creating their success.


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