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Chris Hind (
Thu, 09 Jan 1997 23:57:37 -0800

> >This would be transhumanist art would it not?

Has anyone seen the incredible interactive graphics now accessible to the
public via the Nintendo 64 game system? It assures me that at least VR
isn't far off at all. I especially want to experience the sunkenship level
firsthand as an uploaded being. Anyone else seen the system or perhaps know
what SGI processor it runs? To picture the sunkenship level, imagine being
surrounded by jagged grey mountains with a blue lake before you. You enter
the water and the music becomes more detailed and complex yet soothing. You
swim through the shallow area until it drops off into a deep blue abyss and
resting on the bottom is a sunken ship. A huge eel swims around the ship.
You swim to the seafloor and look up to see the jagged peaks of the grey
mountains through the surface of the water. There are fish swimming around
that quickly dart away when you near them. This may be all a video game but
it is definitely a piece of art. What a piece of eyecandy! They did a
beautiful job in creating this landscape. It takes a little bit getting
used to the swimming controls (point in the direction you want to go and
kick your legs repeatedly) but I definitely recommend going down to your
local Best Buy or general electronics store to try it out for yourself.
This is the uploaded world I want to live in!

"The signs of a species preparing to mutate to a higher stage of
intelligence." -Timothy Leary (1979)

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