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> << I think this was a large part of the point I was trying to make; how do
> you plan to extract the emotional content? Where do you find 'emotions' in
> the brain? >>
> Anders can best answer this one I bet

Thanks :-)

> But I am finding out from reading that the emotions are situated and
> arbitrated between different areas of the brain. The oldest part of the brain
> allows us to have snap, instinctual emotions and this is moderated by and the
> newer, more sensible emotional generators in the neocortex/ frontal lobes.

Yes, the limbic system is similar in rough outline between most mammals,
and the brainstem is identical even further. So I think it would not be
unreasonable to make a mapping of certain limbic states to corresponding

But there is a small caveat: in humans not only the cortex but also the
limbic system are larger compared to the older structures; it is possible
we have some functionality other animals lack (this relates to my standard
question: what does the subiculum do?)

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