BOOK/SOC: Wired party and Reality Check

Max More (
Thu, 9 Jan 1997 12:45:40 -0700 (MST)

Natasha and I went to the Wired 4th anniversary party on Tuesday and had a
very fun time. I was pleased to find that not only is extropianism well
known around the Wired offices, but there seem to be quite a few fans (and
one fellow who said he was a "semi-fan"!).

One of these was David Pescovitz who has, with Brad Weiners (another
pleasant fellow) put together a book called Reality Check. This uses the
info from the Wired column of the same name, but represents the information
in an accessible and new form. I recommend it as a good, quick source to
check some experts estimates of interesting technological advancements.
There's even a good section on cryonics. Reality Check is published by


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