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Thu, 9 Jan 1997 18:26:53 +0100 (MET)

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> << I would commission a world, perhaps housed in a big block of diamondoid
> nanoprocessors or something similar that showed views from it on all
> sides. The tricky part is that I would demand that the laws of nature in
> the world would give rise to complexity just as high or higher than in our
> world; the artwork would evolve and develop on its own, and the viewers
> would see how it unfolded. Something like the Autoverse in _Permutation
> City_, or the alife simulations mentioned in _The Broken God_.
> >>
> is this a mini- world?

Depends on whether you live in it or outside it. :-)

Most likely it would be smaller than the universe; there is only so much
space in a manageable block of molecular devices, even if you use clever
data compression. But I believe there would be more than enough power in
a one cubic meter system to simulate at least a fairly complex planet in
very high detail.

(I envy the uploads in Permutation City; they could make a computing
universe as large as they wanted)

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