ART: "Zenith"

E. Shaun Russell (
Thu, 9 Jan 1997 00:32:33 -0800 (PST)

If there are any orthodoxically stringent literary buffs on the
list, I warn you...I swear in this poem.


I=92ve been a witness all my pagan life
To the things that go around,
I=92ve heard an atheist=92s applause--
It doesn=92t make a sound.
I=92ve seen the =91victims=92 with their pity-tins
For the glinting copper coins,
I=92ve seen the product of falsified love:
The bruis=E9d fruit of polished loins.

I=92ve seen the bullshit hit the fan,
I=92ve heard the truths that just don=92t scan,
I=92ve seen premature maturities,
I=92ve known cascading obscurities,
And I=92ve borne the labor scars
Of the newly ordained stars.

I=92ve been a witness all my pagan life
To the promises gone unkept,
I=92ve felt the mighty planet shiver
On the day that Atlas slept.
I=92ve seen the =91oppressed=92 with their backward-hats...
The hatchets in their eyes,
I=92ve seen the =91oppressors=92 with their regressive tongues
And a million overused alibis.

I=92ve seen so-called =91democracies=92
And political hypocrisies,
I=92ve seen irrational adoration
To a bordered land or =91nation,=92
And I=92ve taught the nip-and-tuck
Of Operation Mindfuck;

I=92ve seen the jailed terrorist,
I=92ve hoped he=92d never hit-and-missed,
I=92ve known the world=92s feeble aim,
I=92ve hung my heathen head in shame,
But mostly I=92ve wondered what it=92s for:
Peace in the left hand while the right hand wages war.

By: E. Shaun Russell

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