Re: Upload motivations (was SPACE: Lunar Billboard?)

Chris Hind (
Wed, 08 Jan 1997 23:07:11 -0800

>As Chris said, downloading into a physical drone is the obvious solution,
>but I wonder how many uploads would be willing to take the risk of
>downloading into a potentially untrustworthy physical body when they could
>sit safely inside their own computer at home. You can encrypt yourself
>while you pass across the network, but who knows what 'Kangaroo
>Rent-a-bod' will do with you when you get there? Your competitors or
>enemies might pay a lot of money for a copy of your software[1].

Then simply install a controller implant in the biological drone's cranium
and control it remotely. Just imagine how fun it would be to control a
person running around using a RC car controller. Also safety remains in the
free market and encryption. Keep yourself encrypted at all times using
strong public key cryptography for safety to communicate data back and
forth but remain on one of a couple supercomputers paying to keep it
maintained and running like an apartment or have nanites maintain it. You
wouldn't leap from computer to computer, you'd access everything just as
you do now by pulling it off the net or recieveing it in streams. Your
biological drone could be automated as well when you're not using it to
auto feed and water itself,go to the restroom, and exercise on it's own.
You could upload your consciousness to your own biological drone or
previous body and if you failed to maintain the implant controller with
newer hardware when it gets old and begins to deteriorate and the harddrive
crashes, the data recovery team will pop open the drone's skull and take
out the controller implant and attempt to recover as much as they can of
you. So there is a future in data recovery for sure!

>its possible now to do many of the exploration and exploitation concepts
>we have for this solar system. however it is not "cost effective" from a
>commercial standpoint at the present time due to the inefficiency of
>chemical rocket propulsion.

Thank atheism that there is a renewed interest in space! My parents force
me to go to church with them in their vain attempts to "save my soul" but I
actually listened to the sermon this time when the pastor went on praising
the renewed interests in space before the congregation. I was thrilled that
he was spreading such a great meme. Maybe the only way to get anything
around here accomplished is either by media directing the mindless masses
or by stating its in God's will.

>If uploading becomes widely possible, affordable, and popular, then the
>market for full sensory capable drones will be sufficient to warrant
>their development, but probably not before, unless VR sex becomes even
>more widely popular.

You can bet the military will be the first ones to fuck with human DNA to
make the ultimate genengineered remote controlled soldier. If the military
is gaining an interest in this already, it's not too far off at all.

"Every obstacle is a stepping stone to your success."

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