Re: PHIL: Cybergnosticism (was: Upload Motivations)

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Wed, 8 Jan 1997 22:12:53 +0100 (MET)

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> Have you gone into a "hacker trance" or "email trance"?
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> this happens to me while painting to, and even sometimes just in life- when
> it gets really interesting- it isnt really the same as not having
> physicality, it is IMO, a function OF physicality.

Well, existing with no bodily sensations at all would probably be rather
disturbing to a human (we are wired to constantly receive information;
even in sleep we process body signals) and very counterproductive. What I
would like is more like no distracting body sensations - no hunger, no
feeling I have to change position, no itches etc., just a neutral feeling
so that I could truly concentrate on the tasks at hand and had no need to
stop until it was done (or I became bored). I can imagine working on some
tasks (like web maintenance and growth) ceaselessly for several days with
no need for hunger or sleep, and then a delightful vacation in
corporeality with all its pleasures.

Note that this doesn't necessarily require uploading; a good brainstem
control system might do the trick. Maybe you could do your mental work
while subprocessors exercised the body or did chores (the ultimate home

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