POLITICS: Re: Avoiding nuclear anarchy

Wed, 08 Jan 97 18:44:11 GMT

Hal Finney responded in a positive tone to my suggestion. He
ended his post with the following words:

>I want to see a free world, but I don't want my kids
>melting down into gray goo or dieing from a tailored virus.
>It is far from clear how to steer between the problems.

True. A first step might be to recognize that the problems
are there, and to take them seriously. Ultimately, the best
solution may be some form of compromise. At least for me, I
place more value on having the risk of melting down into
gray goo along with the rest of humanity reduced than on
insisting on an obscure notion of absolutely unlimited
freedom. I think we would be able to overcome our bitterness
if we had to give our "right for everyone to have his or her
own nuke".

Nicholas Bostrom n.bostrom@lse.ac.uk