Re[2]: Upload motivations (was SPACE: Lunar Billboard?)

Guru George (
Wed, 8 Jan 1997 10:49:03 GMT

>having remote probes to do advance scouting are great, especially when
>exploring space, at least in the sense of reducing risks and maximizing
>time utility by culling out negative possibilities (i.e. stars with no
>planets, etc), but they will not replace actually setting your own foot
>down on an alien beach, meeting alien life forms in person, or skiing
>ammonia glaciers on the moons of gas giants....

Isn't the difference only in what you get used to? We are used to the
sensory abilities we have, so our Gestalt of the world is well knit (so
to speak); feedback is understood unconsciously.

We would probably get the same feeling from telepresence eventually.

Guru George