Re: Libertarian or "Dynamic" Socialism (fixed)

Ian Geldard (
Tue, 7 Jan 1997 11:44:21 +0000

> > The current standard of anarcho-capitalist thought in probably David
> > Friedman's work. It is true that he does argue in favor of copyrights
> > and patents.
> How does this fit into his anarchistic framework? The only obvious
> possibility is that the copyrights and patents would be enforced by
> contracts between PPLs, which is fine by me. What I object to is
> enforcement of copyright and patent by governments so that companies don't
> have to pay for it. Without government-enforced copyright we'd probably be
> running Linux rather than Windows...

Libertarians have different views on the question of intellectual
property rights. To see a paper on some of the history, read Wendy
McElroy's "Intellectual Property: The Late 19th Century Debate"
which can be found in HTML at
or in ASCII via ftp at

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