Re: political correctness according to Hugo de Garis

Natasha V. Mor (
Mon, 6 Jan 1997 19:02:41 -0700 (MST)

At 10:45 AM 1/6/97 -0700, David McFadzean wrote:

>He says that if women have been
>underrepresented historically because the Man has been keeping them down,

Ya, while we've been keeping them up.

>then we should have seen an increase in the proportion of female geniuses
>in last 30 years. But he claims they still represent around 5%.

If the world population is 6 billion people, and 2% of this number are
geniuses, then 5% of the 2% makes 6 million female geniuses, according to
this criteria. Seems a bit low, don't you think?