Re: POLI: Attempting To Rewrite History (Pirates of the Caribbean)
Mon, 6 Jan 1997 16:32:28 -0500

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Chris Hind wrote:
> I was outraged recently over Disney's decision to alter their "Pirates
> of the Caribbean" ride because it portrayed pirates chasing after women.
> What did pirates do? They raped and pillaged! Why attempt to make history
> PC? It wasn't! You cannot change history. Watch, next they'll be putting
> in female pirates into the attraction. This has nothing to do with
> sexism, it's just accurately portraying a time period. I already know
> quite a few people who will no longer go on that ride because Disney has
> made this decision.

PC? Disney? Geez, now I have heard everything. More likely some Bob Dole
family value crap.

Well,in any case, if you want realism, Chris, that ride should have already
OUTRAGED you - Disney should also have put in real live rats, bloody
eviscerations and beheadings, the true stench of pirates, leprous diseases
for you to take home with you, and real stinking corpses too!

Come on, this is Disney we are talking about, look at Poke-a-honky, the most
disgusting misrepresentation of the English entering into native american
life, and or ANY Disney schmaltz fest.

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