Re[2]: Misc: Morphing

Guru George (
Mon, 6 Jan 1997 20:01:16 GMT

Kyle L. Webb wrote:-
>There's actually a ready made constituency for this one. Check out
> sometime. The fans of anthropomorphic animals there are
>quite keen on the idea of morphing themselves into the body types of
>their choice.
>On the slightly tamer side of things, for those interested in animals and
>animal behavior, directly interfacing to the brain of a target animal, and
>recording the sensations/behavior/emotions etc, then replaying it into the
>mind via a direct interface could be a revolution in understanding animal
>behavior. Doing this with humans to create either direct links or just
>recording and playing back would open up a lot in behavioral studies
>(and make a hell of a lot of people very nervous).

Wild! My particular preference would be to a superhero form. I can
see in the future a kind of PoPoPoPoMo re-cycling of now contemporary
superhero characters, even film heroes. There will be fads, and

Another variation:- John Varley wrote a short story about someone
vacationing as a lion. The personality is downloaded into a controller
implant in the lion's brain (I think, or I might have just made that up).
The life of a lion, with the proprioceptive feedback of a lion,
simplifies the thoughts in a meditative kind of way.

Guru George