Re: Libertarian or "Dynamic" Socialism (fixed)
Mon, 6 Jan 1997 11:18:39 -0500

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<< After a month or two a man wearing a suite will knock
on my door and tell me that because of my failure to pay back taxes my
now belongs to the U.S. Government and I have 20 minutes to leave the area.

I tell the nice man that I like my house and don't intend to leave. After an

hour or two several clean cut young men wearing body armor and carrying
submachine guns from the SWAT team knock down my door.
I know so many people who owe 5 to 50k or more, and they never EVER had
soldiers with submachine guns at the door (Oh yes, they have endured some
shitty things, believe me, like waking up one day with zero in the bank, no
credit, not being able to have a checking account, or use their own name for
phones - that kind of stuff) . I do not assume that left unchecked, in our
time, the kind of thing you are describing could happen- and does, I assume,
but my humble, artist experience it is not reality.

But if one had the Libertarian govt. Socialism could exist without government
and it would be voluntary IMO. I would not so choose, but I allow others to
choose such.

My opinion of elections is nearly as low as my opinion of Governments.

OK, so what is your alternative, your solution to how proper government comes
into being? If you care about the rights of the inividual and are not
propsoing outright not anarchy, how does the inidivual choose