Re: PSYCHOLOGY: The Collective

Hara Ra (
Fri, 03 Jan 1997 21:51:37 -0800

David Musick wrote:
> I made the point that people's minds are linked, forming a larger mind,
> because the signals we send each other through our communication are basically
> a way that clusters of neurons influence each other between brains. <snip>

> In short, I belive that our individual thought processes are part of a much
> larger thought process that is a result of the way individual brains link up
> with each other.

> I am curious -- what do you people think of this idea? I would like to
> discuss it further, but I need some feedback from all who are interested. Any
> criticisms and comments are welcome.

I have no doubt we are part of a larger informational process, but I do
think it is a mind. IMHO, a mind is self aware, and I see no evidence
that our
combined intercommunicational processes are in any way self aware.

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