Re: EDU: Institutes of Verification
Sat, 4 Jan 1997 23:08:12 -0500 (EST)

Eliezer Yudkowski writes:

> > > Schools are ineffective due to a short-circuit: Simple presence in
> > > class is taken as evidence of learning.
> > Try to rein in those amazing generalizations, there, Eliezer.

> How does your declaration of (2) with respect to your school weaken
> (1)? I realize they're not equivalent, but even so...

It is a simple call for precision, Eliezer.

If you mean all schools, say it. (You'd be wrong, but you'd be
entitled to say it.) If you mean many schools, or some schools, say
that. I will whole-heartedly agree with you.

John S. Novak, III 
The Humblest Man on the Net