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Guru George (
Sun, 5 Jan 1997 02:08:46 GMT

QueenMUSE wrote:

>In a message dated 97-01-04 12:16:29 EST, you write:
> (Oh and puh-leeze don't give me any of that "But what sort of music is
> it if you need to take drugs to get into it?" shit. >>
>Well, that's exactly what I was thinking! Why would I pollute my mind for
>something as dumb as that? What a waste of time....
>IMO, if one get into any music without drugs as a prereq - it can only be
>doomed to failure in the long run,since using drugs ( specially E and Acid)
>usually have nasty effects on the brain over time. Especially if I had to
>take it every time i got into music!!!
>I dont take a single drug that will damage this precious brain of mine and
>maybe thats why repetitious music is only good for a short time thing for me,
>for background. For enjoying optimally, i like more thoughtful music.
>You are limiting techno in a totally superficial way.
>I love to paint to techno beats, it's not drugs, it's rhythm.

I wouldn't want to say that the *only* kind of techno, or even good
techno, is dance techno, I was just defending dance techno in itself.
It is a specific form of music, dedicated to a specific kind of
situation, which includes the use of drugs, and it is one of the great
contemporary forms of popular music.

Of course you can enjoy it without drugs, but you just won't get to the
real heart and soul of it unless you've been on E or acid (preferably
both) in a club.

Nor am I saying anyone *has* to do this, or their life's not worth

Re. the use of drugs: obviously a big subject, but I will say this.
Millions of people have taken E since the 80s, probably even more
millions have taken acid since the 60s. If moderate and sensible use had
bad consequences, we would have heard of it by now. While of course I
respect your decision to leave them alone, I can only report that I have
had no problems in the past 15 years, much joy, and many insights which
proved valuable in the light of day.

Guru George