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Sat, 4 Jan 1997 13:22:46 -0500

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<< Notice that the usual MDMA/amphetamine mix you can buy is usually debased
by all kinds of synthetical impurities/stretching stuff like strychnine &
Co. I think I also heard MDMA was neurotoxic, especially to substantia
nigra? I also seem to recall a horror story on a overheated designer drug
batch, which caused victims to (irreversibly) lock rigid in course of a
single day, <shudder>. Before you ask, that was not an urban legend.
say, theres a book about this incident which sheds light on the activities
and powers of the brain, w ill find out what it is called- I skimmed it, it
is fascintaing, really....

Going to Barnes and Noble now -N