Re: TECH: Cheapo Augmented Reality & Telepresence Spycams

Regina Pancake (
Sat, 4 Jan 1997 10:52:31 -0700 (MST)


>Imagine changing all the textures of objects inside your home. Instant
>interior decorator! Make that old wooden stairway appear as black marble.
>Superimpose a mercury or firey texture over the ocean. An easy transition
>into the uploaded realm. You could have your PDA builtin to your AR
>goggles, see in infrared, nightvision, ultraviolet. Pave the streets with
>advertizing. You could personalize any aspects of the AR template that you
>wished but the default ones would be transmitted to you by short-distance
>radio communications. The world will look so incredible being able to add
>any texture, paint a house with a texture and never need to repaint. All
>this could be created with a pair of cheapo AR goggles using a blue screen
>effect just as people are currently pasting virtual ads on telivision
>sports games.
very cool idea, I just wonder how long before you start finding extreme
fractures within the "common" view of reality. what I mean is that by
nature we for the most part all see the same. with some variations
ofcourse. glasses, color blindness the like. but then add this to the mix
and you'd have the equivalent of millions of people all seeing what they
want, though the lenses of rose colored glasses. this is happening already.
but this whould really do it. whouldn't it? the sheep of the world
whould love it.
>(don't ya just hate those sociological reprocussions? ;) )