Re: SPACE: Fishing in Earth's Norton RIngs

Chris Hind (
Fri, 03 Jan 1997 22:17:19 -0800

>They say that after years of space exploration, Earth is now the
>pround owner of a ring of astronaut sewage in orbit.

Well shit from the Apollo missions must be whizzing around the globe at
47,000 mph. :)
or have they all become shitting, uhh shooting stars by now?

>People have
>even raised the possibilities that organisms from Earth may be living
>in these rings.

Human excra festers with microbes.

>Hey, there are species of bacteria that can live in the
>coolant water of nuclear reactors!

Wow, tough little suckers what are they called? This adds more support to
the Panspermia idea. (Thanks go out to Eugene Leitl for correcting me.)

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