Re: TECH: Cheapo Augmented Reality & Telepresence Spycams

Chris Hind (
Fri, 03 Jan 1997 22:05:09 -0800

>I love the tropical island idea!
>How long will it take until everybody will afford a wall-sized display
>of a live ocean, and a network connection to deliver it? 10 years? 15 ?

I would guess not that long from now. With the coming of lower cost
flat-screen displays and the merging of the TV and PC we'll see it pretty
soon. Add in 400kbps DSS Satellite internet access and you're right on the
money. Next they'll have underwater cams of black smokers w/tube worms,
jungle cams, all sorts of stuff and with VR goggles you could have all
these cams in stereoscopic vision. How about cams in the jungles of New
Guinea so you can help spot large undiscovered mammals?

>(Hmm... I can just sit closer to my display now.

Are you referring to a tropical beach or a nude tropical beach? :)

>And I do have a T3...)

oh! oh! I want one!

>As for Augmented Reality, I would love to see my friends sunbathing on
>that sand, and my beach towel near them.

Imagine changing all the textures of objects inside your home. Instant
interior decorator! Make that old wooden stairway appear as black marble.
Superimpose a mercury or firey texture over the ocean. An easy transition
into the uploaded realm. You could have your PDA builtin to your AR
goggles, see in infrared, nightvision, ultraviolet. Pave the streets with
advertizing. You could personalize any aspects of the AR template that you
wished but the default ones would be transmitted to you by short-distance
radio communications. The world will look so incredible being able to add
any texture, paint a house with a texture and never need to repaint. All
this could be created with a pair of cheapo AR goggles using a blue screen
effect just as people are currently pasting virtual ads on telivision
sports games.

>By the way, the Venice beach is dark now. A streaming video with a 12
>hour delay would make it look a lot better. Time machine? I could also
>rewind the waves on that beach if they are recorded, or fast-forward them.
>What would you like to see?

I like Mike Lorrey's idea of a webpage containing cams from beaches across
the globe so you can always see summer. It would also be great for surfers
to locate the good waves.

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