Brin on Privacy

John K Clark (
Fri, 3 Jan 1997 13:28:15 -0800 (PST)


I've been very disappointed with The Extropian List the last few days,
everybody is saying things I agree with. What fun is that? I really love it
when somebody says something I don't like on the net, but the net has spoiled
me, when somebody says something dumb in print and I can't easily respond I
don't feel exhilaration, I just feel frustration.

Well my old buddy Brin has been "interviewed" in the magazine 21-C trying to
drum up interest for his book on a transparent society. He was very polite in
the article, I'll bet he would have been polite to me too if I had asked the
same sort of tough penetrating questions like, Can you tell me more about
your ideas?, or, How will The Transparent Society improve the operation of

If Brin had sent this tripe to the list each line would have been logically
dissected by me or any of a dozen members of the list until nothing remained
but a bloody cadaver. Earlier I said that because Brin was writing his book
in a environment devoid of feedback or criticism it would be as profound as
your average pop up book, now I fear I have libeled pop up books.

John K Clark

PS: Yes I admit it, it's not just intellectual it's personal too,
I do not like Mr. Brin.

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