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On 03/01/97, David Musick wrote:

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>Genius happens enough that I believe nearly all humans have the capacity to
>develop it, given a sufficiently strong determination and focus. Getting
>someone to develop that determination and focus is something I'm not
>clear how to do, though. At least not yet.

When someone looks at the concept of a 'teacher' in a school, the
thoughtwave that usually occurs is of 'someone who conveys his or her
aquired knowledge to students'. Already there seems to be a little bit of a
downfall for the students. They automatically have the incentive to work
for a higher
source. There is not enough freedom to question authority or tradition; if a
student talks back, he is disciplined. Early grade school (one teacher per
year for all subjects) is particularly crucial to the student's inclusion
into life. The main problem that I foresee in the education system is the
lack of freedom. It is merely taken for granted that students must learn
what is taught by 'the teacher'. The step above 'the teacher' is, of
course, the government. 'The teacher' is provided with 'an approved
curriculum' of what the students 'should learn'. Collective life skills.

We all know the ideal solution: downsize government. Unfortunately,
we (hopefully) are doing all we can about that right now. Most of the
geniuses who graced our world were once upon a time dubbed as
'non-conformist' for their 'unorthodox' views on things. Mozart, for
example, snubbed the current king's orders when he wrote "The Marriage Of
Figaro" and later wrote a German opera when asked to write one in Italian.
Both pieces are immensely famous now, but at the time, Wolfgang was in a lot
of hot water for 'not following orders'.

So we're back to the problem at hand. Modern people tend not to
develop genius until they are later in age...if ever. There is often a
lasting stigma which stems from early 'teaching'. Sadly, it affects the
vast majority of our population. Kudos to Eliezer and Wade et al for
finding their geniuses at a young age. As David Zindell would say:
"Self-creation is the highest art."

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