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Ray Peck wrote:
> "Lee Daniel Crocker" writes:
> >> While I agree with you in general, the medical establishment in the US
> >> is clealy more obviously interested in self-protection than science.
> >
> >If you could show me some responsible valid double-blind studies
> >that show the effectiveness of chiropractic, massage, accupuncture,
> >or herbal medicine (apart from those herbs used to manufacture known
> >drugs like ephedrine), then there would not be a single doctor in
> >the "establishment" that would "suppress" them.
> 1. Do you think that only those herbs which are already AMA-aprroved
> work?
> 2. If herbs cannot be patented, why would a company spend the
> neccessary millions of dollars to do the FDA-approved tests? They
> would be throwing money down the toilet.
> 3. By extention, it is not in the medical establishment's best
> interest to discover the efficacy of therepies which are not
> controlled through their monopoly.
> 4. A recent study by, I believe, the NIH showed that chiroproactic has
> a better success rate at treating lower back pain than AMA medicine.
> 4. Do you know how much time in medical school is spent on
> preventative medicine and nutrition? I've had med students tell me
> that they got one (1) day of training in nutrition. Do you think that
> this is appropriate, given what you know about nutrition and life
> extention? If not, why do you think that this is the only case of the
> medical establishment missing the boat?
Did you know what the average life expectance of a surgeon in the US is?
59, and the biggest causes of death are heart and lung diseases.

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