Re: Singularity Worship

Michael Lorrey (
Thu, 02 Jan 1997 10:47:13 -0500

Eliezer Yudkowsky wrote:
> > In the sci.skeptic FAQ, it is suggested that if you meet some aliens,
> > you ask for the complete prime factorization of 2^1024+1. Can these
> > factors be found by anyone, and when will we be able to do it? Any
> > suggestions for a better question to ask?
> Haven't we, like, factored 2^(2^20 - 1) or something like that? Number
> too small. Ask for
> (1) a proof of the Goldbach Conjecture

Whats the Goldbach Conjecture?

> (2) nanites

I can give you one nanite. My grandmother, also known as "Nan" really
gets under your skin.

> (3) a written message on the moon

hey, it was already in World Weekly News buddy.

> (4) how their saucer works

See my pages

> (5) a penny with a few grams of magnetic monopoles embedded in it

You mean you want charged copper ions embedded in buckyballs?

> (6) the exact mass of the top quark

you mean the weight of the Negas?

> (7) the complete human genome on a Jaz disk

So i'll slop some blood on a disk, ok.

> (8) some Arthurium or whatever element 124 is called

No no no, its element 115 and Bob Lazar calls it Ununpentium

> (9) a shirt woven from buckytubes

WOuld it be bulletproof?

> (10) the prime factorization of a 1024-bit RSA key
> (11) the secret of life

> (12) who really shot Prez Kennedy

> (13) why Beavis, Butthead and B'harnei haven't been strangled yet

Its hard to strangle virtual necks.
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