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Michael Lorrey (
Wed, 01 Jan 1997 21:14:22 -0500

Kennita Watson wrote:
> >> In what way is biological warfare not coercive?
> >
> >It does, as you mentioned, violate property rights. But it is not
> >coercive. It's not a matter of "do what I say or I'll destroy your
> >coke." Nobody is making threats.
> Good point. I think that libertarians tend to conflate the concepts
> of coercion and theft, probably because of taxation, which is both.
> However, that destroying the property of others without a prior threat
> is not coercive makes it no more acceptable.

yet, if biological warfare on your property without your authorization
can constitute a "taking" which can affect the value of your property.
You obviously could never sell the property to people concerned about
such toxic pollution (however misplaced the fear). Back in the 19th
century, when the industrial revolution was taking root in northeastern
cities, farmers would complain about the soot that would precipitate
onto their crops, and some sued, claiming an unconstitutional "taking".
The court at that time ruled that while the pollution damage WAS a
taking, the positive economic benefits of industrialization outweighed
the damage incurred.
> >coercive force of the current War on Drugs - "stop selling or we'll blow
> >your head off."
> Certainly if anybody found out that you had destroyed their coca crop,
> they would blow _your_ head off, and the law, technology, and all the
> transhumans in the world wouldn't be able to save you. (And if they
> didn't get you, the CIA would :-) ).
> It occurred to me that the US isn't waging a War on Drugs -- it's
> waging a Vietnam on Drugs. No wonder they're not winning.

Lets hope they abandon it like they did Vietnam!!!!!


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