Re: Smart Sex (was:Healthy Sexuality)

Hara Ra (
Tue, 31 Dec 1996 23:29:55 -0800

Michael Lorrey wrote:

> Hmmmmmmmmmm. A drive, huh. Lets see. BUild a spherical spaceship, say,
> on the back side of the moon. Can't have any female technicians. Grow a
> skin on it that has the same high density of nerve tissue found in the
> male genitalia. If you turn off the nerves on one side, the ship will be
> attracted to the half of the females in the universe on the other side
> of the ship (actually all of them since the universe is a loop). Since
> the number of females in the universe is basically almost infinite, one
> would generate a HUGE amount of thrust, though probably limited by an
> inverse squared rule, but you could quickly reach near light speeds,
> achieving time dilation of like 1%, so you could travel hundreds, even
> thousands of light years in very little time.
Well, perhaps this already exists (fictionally), if the fundamental
attractive principle
is gravity - it is called Cavorite. If not, let's call it Chasitite....

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