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From: Mike Lorrey (
Date: Thu Feb 28 2002 - 15:56:28 MST

Brian D Williams wrote:
> >From: Mike Lorrey <>
> >I didn't see Voyager as so politically correct, because as often
> >as not, the 'politically correct' solution to problems presented
> >turned out to be a *supremely dumb idea* in the end, usually in
> >situations where Voyager acted based on humane premises but
> >without all the facts of the situation, which seems to mirror the
> >frequent failed liberal attempts at foreign policy in the last
> >decade. Perhaps being used to TNG and DSN, I saw Voyager as a
> >significant improvement. Note that there is no one clique of
> >writers for Star Trek's modern series', many different fans and
> >writers of different types have written episodes, which obviously
> >contributes to not only the inconsistencies, but the odds that at
> >least some episodes were written by communist/socialist
> >sympathizers.
> They had to have a woman captain, a black vulcan, a Native American
> first officer, I mean come on!

Well, I thought the woman captain and native american first officer were
both plausible characters, in how the got where they were and
everything, and I suppose it wouldn't be too implausible that alien
species would have distinct 'races' as much as humans do (though how
much variety would be left in humanity in the 23rd century anyways?).

I have the opinion that Kate Mulgrew's character is a far better man
than Picard... ;)

> I liked the holographic doctor and I never did see one of the
> episodes with the race that crushed 9 Borg cubes, I was always
> curious about them.

Well, at first they came off EXTREMELY menacing. They'd have to be to
make Janeway even consider the idea of an alliance with the Borg. Their
ethic of 'evolve or perish' is presented I think as a very negative
representation of some extropic ideals. They came from I think an
alternate universe through gateways in 'chaotic space'.

A season or two later, after Voyager is safely out of Borg space, they
find that someone is occasionally impersonating Chocotay on board ship
in various locations. Turns out its an agent of that species (I think
the borg called them "Species 3472") involved in a project researching
the human race. Species 3472 got the impression that the Federation was
openly allied with the Borg, and thus felt that it was an enemy to go

Voyager kills the agent, and Chocotay returns in his place to a training
center run by species 3472 that is a replica of Starfleet Academy. The
leader is that old fellow who is the campus gardener.

In the end, Janeway makes peace with species 3472.

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