Re: The economics of Star Trek

From: Mike Lorrey (
Date: Thu Feb 28 2002 - 11:29:12 MST

Brian D Williams wrote:
> On Star Trek, all you normally see are the people aboard the
> starships, they are clearly military or the equivalent of the
> military. When you do see non-Star Fleet people, like Piccard's
> brother and the winery, or Sisko's father and his restaurant, you
> see the results of a thriving free market economy.
> The politically correct Star Trek, i.e. "Voyager", I could barely
> stand to watch, which is too bad since they had a few great tech
> concepts.

I didn't see Voyager as so politically correct, because as often as not,
the 'politically correct' solution to problems presented turned out to
be a *supremely dumb idea* in the end, usually in situations where
Voyager acted based on humane premises but without all the facts of the
situation, which seems to mirror the frequent failed liberal attempts at
foreign policy in the last decade. Perhaps being used to TNG and DSN, I
saw Voyager as a significant improvement. Note that there is no one
clique of writers for Star Trek's modern series', many different fans
and writers of different types have written episodes, which obviously
contributes to not only the inconsistencies, but the odds that at least
some episodes were written by communist/socialist sympathizers.

> If the Palestinians ever begin to get their act together I expect
> their first act will be to hold out their hands for a handout from
> the "Great Satan". In fact I'll cover the bets...

We've already given them foreign aid, something like a half billion
dollars or more during the Clinton era. Thats no bet.

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