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>l...Why shouldn't prose be acceptable as a
> > >medium for abstract language (as long as it is labelled 'fiction' ?)
> >
> > It is - ever heard of prose poems and/or James Joyce? (okay, I think you
> > mentioned Joyce. Anyway.)
> > There's plenty of abstract prose, if you know where to look. William
> > Burroughs, Joyce, anyone who gets ahold of pen and paper while tripping...
> >
> > cheshire morgan.
>Yes, but why does it frighten / annoy some people?

I'll tell you why. Because some people are extreme examples of the flight
response I mentioned in earlier posts to Samantha. When they see someone
using language in a particularly effective (or in some way impressive) way
- especially to convey ideas which are different from the listener's and
perhaps significant ideas with broad implications for exp[eriencing life
and death, they are immediately afraid that they (the listener) are wrong
and the speaker is right - worse, that the speaker is "better" than they
are, i.e., more understanding of the universe, more in touch with the
purpose of "the gods", and therefore more likely to receive life than they
are. It is a basic fear of death and consequent Darwinian competitive
attitude surfacing in a typically complicated human reaction. Virtually
all human reactions are based on the fear of death - the question is, what
kind of reaction is it? Fight (deal with it) or flight (run from it in
some way).

Richard Steven Hack

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