Natasha's expanded Primo 3M+ website

From: John Grigg (
Date: Thu Feb 28 2002 - 04:12:33 MST

I took this from the KURZWEILAI.NET Newsletter. Please take a look at how Natasha has greatly expanded her Primo 3M+ website! I was very impressed by the changes to say the least.

I have an idea for improving the website. The graphic of the human figure could be made to be interactive. A viewer could click onto a body area to get more information about it. And an image would then be shown to give a closeup of that particular area. And graphics with movement would definitely punch things up. I do realize this all takes much time and effort. But maybe down the road these things can be done.

I hope someday to be as "well-tabernacled" as Natasha envisions. Of course, in a universe full of uploads and Jupiter brains, this form may seem just slightly obsolete! ; )

best wishes,


Radical body design "Primo 3M+"
Natasha Vita-More
Primo 3M+ is a prototype future
body, a conceptual design with
superlongevity in mind. Primo by
design is multi-functional. It is
reliable, changeable, upgradeable,
and complete with enhanced senses.
Primo is the new designer body.

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