Re: Poetry (was Hakim Bey )

From: Alex Ramonsky (
Date: Wed Feb 27 2002 - 16:51:15 MST

No, I didn't suspect you was the universe's sense of humor,
because just that night I had a serious misunderstanding with a friend on
exactly the same subject!...Still...Why shouldn't prose be acceptable as a
medium for abstract language (as long as it is labelled 'fiction' ?)

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l take a stab at this because I suspect you think I'm one of the
> `third lot'. I personally have no objection to such abstract writing
> in lyrics or poetry because they're artistic forms of expression that
> attempt to convey feelings and emotions, not just information.
> I do object when such techiques are applied to prose, which is
> supposed to be conveying information.
> If Bey's writings are poetry disguised as deep intellectual prose,
> then they're successful: they had me completely fooled. I don't like
> that, though, because I wasted substantial effort trying to make sense
> of them.
> -Dave

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