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From: Mike Lorrey (
Date: Wed Feb 27 2002 - 08:43:22 MST

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> Tomorrow starts debate in the house on H.R. 1542 Tauzin-Dingell.
> This bill will determine the near term future of communications in
> the U.S.
> If it passes (without amendments) The RBOC's will not be forced to
> share their existing data networks nor any future networks. A level
> playing field.
> If it passes we will be immediately rolling out existing DSL
> services to everywhere we now serve. In addition plans for a new
> fiber network will be launched.
> A defeat means no new DSL expansion, and no new fiber network.

So let me get this straight: the Bell's will only offer high bandwidth
service to their customers if we agree to allow ourselves to become
prisoners of monopolies again, and if we agree that you can't be
required to sell bandwidth at below retail rates to resellers? Yet, the
RBOC's will retain the right to buy and sell bandwidth amongst

This is tantamount to the big three car makers getting together and
saying "We'll only sell cars to you if you agree that you will pick one
brand of car and remain loyal to it your entire life, and that importers
will be banned, but we can buy and sell cars amongst ourselves and put
whatever model name on them we want, you'll take what we give you, and
if you want that cool energy efficient hybrid car, you better do what we

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